Friday, March 4, 2016

EcoAlert - Phase One

No one in Mayflower, Arkansas expected it. But it happened. On March 29, 2013 crude oil began to flood out into a beautiful subdivision of homes, oozing across lawns and carrying with it a stink foreshadowing an impact continuing to this day.

The company responsible was Exxon, the same company now publicly exposed for covering up the impact of oil on the environment in the early 80s and complicit in the Refugio Spill with Plains All American Pipelines near Santa Barbara last year.

These are the incidents which broke though the silence which once protected oil companies from bad publicity and accountability.   We are determined to stop this. 

Every day oil spills, gas seeps, explosions, frackquakes and other oil disasters happen. Their incidence is more common than normal earthquakes or other natural disasters. Oil disasters are very unnatural, bringing with them life changing shocks and enormous losses to those on the receiving end. Mayflower made the news. Most of these disasters do not – but they harm people and destroy the land, air and water common to all of us just the same. 

We have seen the petroleum industry lie for decades, showing no trace of conscience for the wastelands they have created out of pristine meadows, lakes, neighborhoods which are home to families.

Oil is the cause. We face a driving need to fight back against Big Oil. With this dawning also comes the reality government is firmly in the pocket of these and other corporate interests. Petitioning and protesting alone will not work. If we are going to enact real change we have to organize locally and do it ourselves. 

 When an oil disaster strikes the PR campaign rolls out, telling frightened victims there is no threat to their health or the health of their children just because they can smell the stench of oil everywhere. Residents are told the nose bleeds, sinus infections, trouble with breathing, and other symptoms of petroleum poisoning are caused by something, anything, else.

Late  last year we founded EcoAlert to launch this campaign, provide essential knowledge, and train activists willing to spend their time protecting their communities.

We have the tools to help communities protect people and enforce accountability for Big Oil. This can only happen with local activism, finding people committed to returning our world to clean air, water, and land. 

Our Director for Research, Dave Lincoln, worked for most of the major oil companies, leaving in 1996 when he gave up on believing they would ever change. Dave knows the practices, culture and science of Big Oil like no one else in the business. Added to this he understands the strategy they use to evade accountability.  This happens by multiple avenues.  First, they lie. Second, they play the Wait 'til They Die Game, watching as class action lawsuits collapse and victims accept gift certificates for pizza instead of being compensated for their losses.  Third, they destroy the body of evidence necessary to obtain justice through our court system.  We can change all of this.  We will show you what to do to protect your community and win this war.

Dave is starting the EcoAlert Tour, starting as the honored speaker at the United Nations Earth Day Event on  Sunday, March 20, 2016, Equinox at 12:31 AM EDT.  From there, he will be speaking first in Gloucester, Mass.  Contact us to schedule Dave for your local area or group.  

This site, Local Action, is for listing local efforts as they begin.  Contact us for tutorials on using Eco-Emergency Alert, the App (Download at Google Play) we designed to put reliable, legally admissible, facts in your hands.  The legally admissible issue is essential to enforcing accountability.  

Get basic facts and videos at  Get the Facts. 
We repost important articles, and our own articles, at:  
         Arthur C. Pillsbury Vision & Action Newsletter ( Arthur C. Pillsbury was an original inspiration).

Our hub and training site is: EcoAlert - Justice & Accountability.   

It is time to come together, past all boundaries and barriers for Peace, Justice & Care of the Earth.